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Top tips for Teaching Kids to Bodyboard at Port Waikato

Getting started with bodyboarding in Port Waikato: from little ones to adults!
Port Waikato is a picturesque Kiwi coastal  town and perfect for families seeking outdoor adventures. Above all, Port Waikato is known for its long sandy beach and consistent waves. So, it’s an ideal spot to learn bodyboarding (or boogie boarding as it’s also known.) whether you’re a kid or an adult! As a family, everyone can get on a boogie board as long as they know how to swim! Furthermore, it’s an easy water sport that builds water confidence, improves balance, and creates lasting memories. Needless to say, it’s also a stepping stone to surfing!
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Surfing Port Waikato: A Hidden Gem on New Zealand’s West Coast

When it comes to world-class surf spots on New Zealand’s black sand west coast, Port Waikato is a must-add to any surfer’s itinerary. As James, an avid surfer from Sydney, shares, “Port Waikato’s consistent waves and diverse breaks make it an absolute dream for surfers looking for a challenge. It’s definitely a spot that shouldn’t be missed.” Michelle, a seasoned surfer from Bali, agrees: “I’ve travelled to many surf destinations, but Port Waikato’s pristine and secluded atmosphere truly sets it apart. It’s a hidden gem that provides a serene and authentic surfing experience.” Read More “Surfing Port Waikato: A Hidden Gem on New Zealand’s West Coast”

Escape to Eden by Jimmy James Kouratoras | Photo credit Jimmy James Kouratoras | Port Waikato art | What lies beneath

What Lies Beneath: Art, Artists, & Artistry in Port Waikato

Port Waikato’s most underrated feature is arguably its impressive art scene.

A tapestry of sun, sea, and sand, Port Waikato, New Zealand holds a beguiling charm for visitors. But while it is easy to get overwhelmed by its rugged natural beauty and lose oneself in the flurry of fun, this sun-soaked town has several other surprises up its sleeve. One of these is the place’s throbbing and thriving art scene. If you are an admirer of art or
even a bit of an artist yourself, Port Waikato has plenty to have you engaged and enthralled. Read More “What Lies Beneath: Art, Artists, & Artistry in Port Waikato”

Five Fascinating Natural Marvels in and around Port Waikato | Sunset Beach

Five Fascinating Natural Marvels in & around Port Waikato You Can’t Miss!

Nature can work magic and there’s no better place to witness its splendours than Port Waikato and its vicinity. Get set for an amazing road trip through the Waikato, south to Rotorua.

A description of specific natural wonders in Port Waikato – a place already brimming with so much beauty – might seem redundant. It is truly easy to find beauty in this beach town no matter where you look. It is here that the Waikato River ends its meandering journey, meeting and merging into the vast Tasman Sea. The place is known for its black sand beaches, amazing sunsets, sand dunes, hillocks, and farmlands. And of course that quaint air of timelessness that tops it all up. And yet, there’s more.  Here are four mesmerizing nature-made treasures in and around Port Waikato that deserve a special mention. Read More “Five Fascinating Natural Marvels in & around Port Waikato You Can’t Miss!”

Itinerary to the Dunes from Auckland_Dunes Walk Port Waikato

Itinerary to the Dunes from Auckland

Looking for a perfect weekend escape from the city where you can get back to nature? You’ll find in in Port Waikato!

Port Waikato is a small but perfectly formed coastal town located about an hour and fifteen minutes drive from Auckland with a similar distance from Hamilton. Off the beaten track, the town is a hidden gem and a popular destination for nature lovers, thanks to its beautiful sand dunes, long sandy beach, and amazing wildlife. Read More “Itinerary to the Dunes from Auckland”

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